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Movie lovers and TV series junkies are probably already familiar with the many methods used to watch movies online. Most of the movies provided online are unreliable sources that are riddled with ads and often of poor quality. However, TheGazz has created a reputation for being one of the most reliable sources to watch HD movies and tv shows online for FREE. 


What Is TheGazz?
Founded in 2021, TheGazz is a new site for Free movies streaming with many new features that other movies websites do not have such as Resume streaming, movies request, show update notification...etc. We hosts an extensive library of the latest movies from various genres, providing links to other servers that give only the highest quality experience to their users. TheGazz has always been free to use, no matter how things change. 
The website currently uses several proxies to conceal its true location and to give the safest streaming system to the users. It is likely that no one would reveal the real IP of the servers, collaborating to provide the best movie streaming service online. 

Is TheGazz Safe?
As the website has no ads, it makes TheGazz totally safe to stream movies and shows. None of the movies are downloadable, they are only available for streaming, This ensures that users are never at risk of downloading any viruses or malware. 
In short, TheGazz visitors do not need to worry about any malicious software or legal repercussions. They can enjoy the website for its entertainment value without any worries. Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is not necessary but recommended nonetheless, as it can reduce the risk of your online activity being used against you if any laws change suddenly.
There are many VPNs available online, even some operating through browser extensions for users that are operating from a Chromebook (web browser-based operating system). It shouldn’t be too hard to choose a suitable VPN.  
In any case, remember that TheGazz is safe to use, as their website regularly undergoes intensive malware scans to ensure the safety of their users and devoted fans. 

Is TheGazz Legal?
Users visiting TheGazz are advised to check with their local governing authority on the legality of using the website. Generally speaking, there are no legal issues for users of a movie streaming service. The website does not host any pirated content but provides a search engine to find movies in a better way. 
They’ve even explained many times that the links movies and TV shows they provide can be found using other search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Their shutdowns are usually a result of governments not wanting to deal with the hassle of checking the large database for copyright infringement. In short, it’s just easier to take a website down than to comb through it for pirated content (which won’t be found). 
We’ve consulted with lawyers that specialize in copyright infringement laws, and most of them agree that there are no laws against streaming a pirated video, so long as you are not the source of piracy. In other words, TheGazz is legal to use. Our web servers do not contain any pirated information, and they are not responsible for the source of material they have found using market-leading search engines like Google and Bing. 

How To Watch Movies On TheGazz?
Watching movies on TheGazz is a piece of cake. Our homepage contains a search engine that can be used to find most movies known to man. You can also use the same search engine to search for TV series. If you aren’t already sure what you want to watch, browse the website for movie posters. Each poster has a rating (based on IMDb) and metadata attached to it. There are also multiple ways to filter the available movies to facilitate finding exactly what you need. 
Upon clicking any poster, users are brought to a dedicated web page. Metadata that is attached to every movie/TV series includes the year, genre, country of origin, video quality, and much more. The page includes a web player that connects users to multiple servers to stream from. This ensures that you can always rely on getting a working server to watch from. You can also choose your preferred video quality, depending on the speed of your internet connection. This is because although the servers and web host are both high-speed, your IP might be downloading slower than needed for speedy streaming. Smooth streaming requires a balance between expected quality and speed. 
The entire selection available on our website is always kept up to date with at least one working link per movie/TV episode. You can always rely on TheGazz when you need to watch movies or TV series online. Our mission is simple: to provide free entertainment to the entire world. We must say we have been highly successful in achieving our goal so far.
Other features of the website include comments, ratings, and recommendations. However, these are only available to registered users. Signing up for TheGazz is quick and easy, with little required but a username, valid email, and a password. Registered users can keep tracked of their watched movies and upcoming TV episodes. Recommendations are further curated for registered users. 
Many of the movies have subtitles in other languages attached to them. If you need subtitles, then downloading would be a better option for you—more on that below. 

Is TheGazz Down? How To Check The Online Status Of TheGazz?
Since our first launch, has not faced any downtime so far.
To find out if TheGazz is down, simply visit our website to see if there is any notification about server status. And, if you were used to visiting, and it was shut down, our team will create a new domain such as and redirect all traffic to the new website. From a user’s point of view, this is only an extra second of waiting for the website to load and is otherwise unnoticeable. 
Note that given its popularity, many copycat websites have been created over the years. The signature TheGazz logo is instantly recognizable and would probably not be part of any copycat website. TheGazz is not responsible for the quality of services provided by their copies. 
Communities have grown around TheGazz, and joining them on social media can help you find the correct domain in the event that anything happens to the previous one. You can also join these communities to discuss any shutdowns and alternative proxy servers. 
If all else fails, searching the words ‘The Gazz’ is usually sufficient to find the working server easily, even if it is not on the front page. You should be able to recognize our logo to ensure you’re not using another (copycat) page instead. Although there are many copycats, it is rare for users to confuse them with the original website because they take great pains to keep their branding consistent. 

How To Download TheGazz Movies And Shows?
As previously mentioned, movies and TV shows on TheGazz are not available for download. This is the best practice that TheGazz can adhere to in order to avoid any copyright infringement lawsuits. If you are inclined to do so, follow the media player to find the movie on the server provided. Some servers allow users to download movies directly instead of streaming.
Another option would be to use video downloading software such as Keepvid or Zamzar. Some of these tools are restricted when free, so you might not be able to download an entire movie. Other tools require purchasing the software or a monthly subscription. Research online to find ways to download from media players, and you will find a multitude of solutions. Choose the one that is the best option for you and within your budget. The video quality is already set, so the only potential difference between tools would be the download speed. 

Best Alternative To TheGazz?
By far, the only real alternative to TheGazz is fmovies. However, other popular websites include 123movies and myflixer. Some people prefer to use torrent downloads but must exercise extreme caution to avoid accidentally downloading any malware. 
Subscription streaming services are much more expensive than TheGazz (because it’s free) and usually do not provide all the same options. With TheGazz, you get all your movies on one website, which is extremely convenient. 

TheGazz is a Free Movies streaming site with zero ads. We let you watch movies online without having to register or paying, with over 10000 movies and TV-Series. You can also Download full movies from MoviesCloud and watch it later if you want.